vegetables Our company specialises in producing and trading in delicious, fresh vegetables all year round.

Our main products are cauliflower, broccoli, leeks, asparagus, and other vegetables, as well as parsley and dill.

We produce our vegetables and herbs on privately owned and rented fields in the wider area of Thessaloniki and production varies to meet demand.

Our primary concerns are to ensure that production is flawless, to increase production, and to build constructive relationships with customers and suppliers. Thanks to the outstanding quality of our products, we are constantly earning the trust of our customers.

Specialists who tend to the needs of customers each and every day hold a central position in our company.

The varieties we select to grow have all the characteristics consumers are looking for, such as flavour, shelf-life, colour and appearance.

We monitor the condition of our products from the field to delivery to the customer. Our objective is to improve the freshness and look of our products. Speed is a factor that is examined at all stages in the procedure to keep time to a minimum.

Well-scheduled product deliveries take place after continuous quality checks are completed.